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L55-SLR - Solar Powered Keychain Light.

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Powered by the sun, Three bright LED's will light your way

Product Weight 1 oz
CO-L77-DS - Solar Dynamo 3 LED Flashlight

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Limited Supply
- This small light is a great value and a perfect fit for emergency kits, glove box, purse or night stand. Comes in Silver and Black. It always works!!
L77G - Solar Flashlight

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Always have light when you need it. No batteries required. This flashlight will hold the charge for days after the charge.
weight 13 oz
L101-DY - 4 N 1 Dynamo Radio With Light

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Three Super Bright White LED's, Hard Plastic Body, AM/FM Radio,Cell Phone Charger w/ cables, Emergency Siren.

weight 1 LB.
C-80-007 Dynamo Charger with lithium battery and light.

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Dynamo Charger with lithium battery and light - Cranking Power

  • Large Capacity
  • Charging
  • Discharging
  • Cranking Dynamo
  • Lighting
Can be used for Iphone, Moble, PSP, GPS, Camera, Ipod, Ipad


Battery type: Lithium-ion Battery

Circle life: after 500 cycles of charging the accumulator
keeps not less than 75% of capacity

Nominal input: DC 5.0V/ 1A

Nominal output: DC5.0V/ 1000mA (max)

Capacity: 5000 mah

Charging time: 8 hours

Standard Components: Uer manual, power bank USB
3-5mm Cable, built in touch built in dynamo-machine


It is best to not let the battery drain out before you try to charge it.
It is recommend that you charge it once a month by AC. adapter.
If it is too low, hand cranking may not charge it anymore.

weight .6 lbs

C-79-500 - The Voyager - Solar AM/FM/SW/NOAA Weather Band Radio Flashlight

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WOW is all we can say - one of the best solar/ dynamo radios we have seen. Listed are some of the features:
  • 11 Bands: AM/FM, Shortwave 1&2 and 7 Weather Bands.
  • NOAA Weather Alert sends an Emergency Wireless Signal to the radio for local weather disasters.
  • LED Flashlight plus 5 LED Reading Lamp.
  • 4 Way Power - Dynamo hand charging, Solar Powered, 3 "AA" batteries and AC Adaptor (not included).
  • Water resistance - rubberized body
  • Built in USB (plus two other ports) lets you charge, cell phones, Blackberry, I pod/ MP3 and more.
Includes power tips to charge most popular cell phones. - Actual Size: 8" x 5" x 2.6" Weight 2 lbs.
C-80-14W - 14 Watt Power HUB - Batteries Included

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  • - Recharge 2 or 4 AA Batteries
  • - Distribute power to charge or operate 5v USB devices.
  • - Install charged batteries into AA battery-powered devices.
  • - Includes Chargers and adaptors . Apple adaptor tip.
  • - Includes 4 High Capacity 2500 mAh NiMH batteries.
  • - Includes 120v AC/DC wall Charger and 12 v vehicle charger.

Unit can be charged with any 5 or more watt solar collector (not included).

Product Weight 1.5 lbs.
C-90 Pocket Socket 10w

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  • Powers all types of portable devices.
  • 10 Watt Of Power at 120 volts.
  • Uses the same style socket found in every home.- Small Light Weight
  • Charges cell phones, GPS, Tablets, Flashlights etc.
  • Perfect to charge our item number C-80-60W and C-80-14W anytime – anywhere
C-80 - 10W - 10 Watt Solar Collector w/ Controller

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  • - 10 Watt Monocrystelline Sola Cells.
  • - Foldable, weather resistance case.
  • - Power port hub allows a variety of power outputs.
  • - Chain together 2 for 20 Watts of Power
  • - Includes: 12v adaptor for automobile, cable to connect 2 Solar Connectors
  • - Works well with Item C-80-14W